Message limits

All recipient counts refer to the total number of recipients, not the total number of unique recipients. For example, if one of the group members is another group consisting of two users, it counts as three recipients (the group and its two members).

Note: Limits for G Suite trial users are lower.

Type Description Limit
Total recipients per group Maximum number of group message recipients 6,200,000 per hour
Total external recipients per group Maximum number of group message external recipients 50,000 per day
Total external recipients per domain Maximum number of external recipients for all groups in a domain* 100,000 per day
Total inbound emails per group Maximum number of email messages the Google Groups server accepts per group** 300 per 5 minutes
Total message size Maximum total gigabytes (GB) per group 2.4 GB per hour
Total messages per sender to a specific group Maximum number of messages a sender can send to a specific group 1,800 per hour

* External recipients are recipients that are outside of your domain. For customer accounts with multiple domains, recipients in all associated domains count as internal recipients. The limit on external recipients increases with the size of the G Suite account; a customer with 20,000 users has a limit larger than 10,000 per day.

** If archiving is enabled for the group, then the maximum number of messages received is 1 message per second.

For more information about groups policies and limits, kindly visit: Groups policies and limits